Lydia Tucci X Aguja Local

Aguja Local’s objective is to facilitate the interaction between local designers and consumers. With that in mind, we set out to create an online platform that would showcase these talents, while giving buyers a new option. In Puerto Rico there is a lot of talent in the fashion industry; is time that the names of these designers are part of our daily conversations. Support local talent!

Bonita Bandera
$ 52.00
Sold Out
Lucky Charm
$ 39.00
Multi-use by TdeVé
From $ 45.00
Amethyst Charm
$ 34.00
Bikini navy blue
$ 59.50 $ 85.00
Bikini print
$ 59.50 $ 85.00
Bikini rosa claro
$ 59.50 $ 85.00
Bikini tejido rojo
$ 59.50 $ 85.00


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